IRS Must Sign Answers to Interrogatories Under Oath

July 19, 2013 Tax Court: IRS Must Sign Interrogatories Under Oath, Just Like Taxpayers Swanson-Flosystems Co. v. Commissioner, No. 27975-11 (July 18, 2013): On July 3, 2013, petitioner filed a motion “for an order compelling Respondent to provide the signed oath required by T.C. Rule 71(c) in answering Petitioner’s First Set of Interrogatories to Respondent.” […] … → Read More

Taking Full Advantage of Discovery in Tax Court

“Discovery” is the process by which parties to a law suit exchange information. Each party is required to provide any relevant information requested by his opponent. To many people this is a pretty exciting idea. For anyone who has tried to get honest information from the IRS, an opportunity to ask questions that the Commissioner […] … → Read More